Game Symphony Workshop
Unlocking musical creativity through group improvisation


Game Symphony Workshop is a fun, collaborative, creative music experience designed for large and small ensembles of all ages. Created by saxophonist and teaching artist Steve Treseler, the workshop inspires self-expression as students learn how to create music without a score or a conductor.

The workshop activities are available for free.

What musicians and educators are saying:

Music education in America seems to forget that our great composers and performers of yesteryear were renowned improvisers as well. Game Symphony is brilliantly bridging this gap from the past into the present, and I see it as essential training for all musicians in the 21st Century.
— Brian Chin, Chair of Music, Seattle Pacific University
Game Symphony Workshop is a mind-blowing improvisation experience. I was able to take the activities into my high school and college classrooms and see big results!  This workshop is so beneficial for classical musicians who are fearful of sounding bad and making mistakes during improvisation. My ears blossomed, my head exploded, and my creativity soared.
— Sarah Bost, woodwinds, Director of Bands at Seattle Prep
The students are so inspired that they can’t wait to come to class and share what they have found out about their own playing. I can’t imagine teaching improvisation any other way.
— Chris Bruya, Director of Jazz Studies, Central Washington University
These games were easy to implement, easy to understand, and more importantly tons of fun. Students started to open up and become more outgoing, and in three months, I saw more personality and character from students than I have seen in years. I had students from all three orchestras raise their hands and volunteer to take a solo at festival and our final concert.
— Lauren Hepburn, Orchestra Director, Whitman Middle School, Seattle WA
The Game Symphony Workshop should be a part of every school’s music curriculum!
— Brent Jensen, Director of Jazz Studies (retired), College of Southern Idaho
Students who excel were given new and exciting challenges, and students who are still struggling on their instruments suddenly lost all fear of making a mistake while playing by themselves. Students still ask if we can use class time to play the games we learned through the Game Symphony Workshop.
— Christy Taylor, Director of Bands, Twin Falls High School and O'Leary Middle School, Twin Falls, ID
 Photo by Steve Korn

Photo by Steve Korn