Steve and Kaley 2
Facilitators Steve Treseler and Kaley Lane Eaton

Musical improvisation doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience.

Saxophonist and author Steve Treseler founded the Game Symphony Workshop to give musicians the tools, confidence, and community to create and perform their own music.

The multi-day workshop:

  • Unlocks innate creativity
  • Eases fears with creative games and activities
  • Builds camaraderie and trust
  • Culminates in a dynamic performance of original music

A team of facilitators leads workshops for adult and student musicians.

What Musicians and Educators Are Saying

I came to the Game Symphony Workshop to try to overcome the writers block that was inhibiting my composing.  After the first day, my mind came up with a new melody and after playing with that melody on the second day, I woke up to a complete set of variations in my head!  The games and collaborations had unblocked my creativity and allowed me to compose again.

Jenny Ziefel, D.M.A, clarinet


Unbelievably fun! So many opportunities to play off the page, think outside the boundaries, try, stretch, invent and collaborate. Thanks for all the creativity triggers!

– Carol Levin, harp


Steve’s workshops are fun, inviting and empowering! The musical games give kids the confidence to feel great about improvisation. Steve uses improvisation to develop the total musician, and my bands are better for it.

– Tadd Morris
Director of Bands at Glacier Peak High School


The ‘card came’ removed my usual block of being terrified to make s*** up (is it good?) and I felt really free. It was just inside my comfort zone and I was pleased with my own contribution. I also feel like I can apply the practices to my other creative pursuits.

– Kendal Seager, violin


A weekend of creativity stimulation.

– Liana Green, M.M. New England Conservatory, trombone


Such an awesome and inspiring weekend, making new friends and creating music together! It made me wonder why musicians don’t do this more often.

– Robin Stangland, french horn and trumpet, founder of Puget Sound Homeschool Band

See the workshop in action:


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